The Popularity of Aluminium Windows

When it comes to having new windows and doors fitted on a residential home it is important that all needs are met. Whether this is ensuring the colour choice fits perfectly, the design works well with the style and age of the home or simply ensuring that a budget is stuck to it, is important that the choices made are ideal and will remain so well into the future. After all, windows and doors are an investment that needs to last for many years. However, with so many different options currently on the market it can be difficult to know where to begin.

More and more homeowners are choosing to have aluminium windows and doors fitted on their homes – why is this? In recent years there has been a steady increase in the number of people that are choosing to use aluminium over alternative materials, such as wood or plastic, and the popularity of aluminium windows and doors has skyrocketed.

Why Are Aluminium Windows and Doors So Popular?

Until recently many homeowners chose to have uPVC windows fitted on their home as for many years it was thought that this was the best option in terms of keeping the cold out, keeping the heat in and as a long term solution. However, it has now become clear that aluminium windows and aluminium doors have a number of benefits that other types do not have.

  • As a material aluminium is very stable and it does not expand and contract in size when the temperature changes, which is the case with other types. This characteristic makes it a great choice for anyone who has experienced problems with their previous doors and windows warping and bending out of shape; it is this warping that can lead to draughts.
  • Aluminium windows and doors don?t just come in one colour and style. In fact, there are a number of different colours, designs and finishes to choose from. This means there is always a range that works well with existing features of a home, matches inside interiors and looks great with the style of house. For example, owners of a Victorian property are likely to choose classic style windows and doors, whereas those that own a new build or modern home may prefer something a little more chic and stylish.
  • When deciding on the type of windows and doors for a home it is important to consider the effect it will have on the running costs of the property in general. Aluminium is a great insulator and therefore aluminium windows and doors are ideal for energy saving in the home. Simply, better insulation means less heating is required and therefore a lower heating bill.
  • In recent years there has been a focus on recycling and looking after the environment and so many individuals prefer to use materials that can be reused. Aluminium windows and doors can be recycled without losing any of their high quality. So, after being used on a home, it can be used again elsewhere.
  • A lot of homeowners prefer to have windows and doors that work well, but are not bulky and unsightly. Aluminium is really strong and therefore windows and doors can be made a lot thinner and slimline without losing any strength.
  • Often, aluminium windows and doors can be made larger than those made of uPVC or wood and so a lot more light can be let into a home and larger glassed areas are possible.
  • Aluminium windows and doors are extremely easy to clean and so there?s no need for any specific care or frequent maintenance. It?s simply a case of wiping them down whenever necessary.


Aluminium Windows and Doors at Alphamet Aluminium

When it comes to finding the ideal aluminium windows and doors, look no further than Alphamet Aluminium. As a company we provide a range of aluminium windows and doors to a range of different sectors, notably homeowners of residential properties.

Through our vast range of window and door options and our professional experience we are able to ensure our customers find what they require, whilst making sure all needs and budgets are met. Whether you?re part of the commercial, residential, health, retail or education sector we have aluminium windows and doors that are designed with you in mind.

Whether you have a traditional style cottage, a brand new home being built or you simply want to update your standard semi-detached home, we have exactly what you need. Our aluminium windows and doors are supplied throughout Manchester, Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK and any size, design and colour can be met.

Get in touch today on 0161 339 9375 for a free quote. Alternatively, contact us via our online contact form and we?ll get back to you as soon as we can to answer any questions or queries.

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