Curtain wall system installed by Alphamet Aluminium

Why Curtain Walls?

Curtain Walling – Why Should You Have It Installed?

When it comes to keeping the elements out of a building or structure, people go to all kinds of different lengths to make sure that they can protect the inside of the building and even the exterior of the building as best as possible. To accomplish this, some people often choose to use curtain walling. The introduction of curtain walling into your premises is something which will ultimately benefit hugely and is something that a lot of business should do. However, not everyone is immediately aware of what curtain walling is, and why it?s such a good idea. To help with this, we?re going to be taking a look at the benefits of curtain walling.

So, what is curtain walling?

To understand what makes curtain walling such a good idea, we need to look at what it is. The curtain wall is something which is designed to protect the building from the effects of the weather which act against it and is often employed to protect the exterior from things like torrential rain, snow and hail. It is often made of very lightweight materials, as it does not need to support any weight besides its own. As well as this, it can be paired with glass to provide a source of lighting while still protecting the exterior from damage.

So, why should I have curtain walling?

There are many benefits to curtain walling which make it a desirable product for people to have. Because it does not need much weight, you can find them built from materials like aluminium. Aluminium is good because it is both lightweight and durable, and can also take a good deal of physical punishment and keep going, not to mention that it is heavily resistant to all forms of weathering and erosion, and also does not rust. This means that the curtain wall can last a very long time without the need for repair and maintenance. You?ll also find that aluminium is a cost effective way to keep your structure safe from weathering, as the material can be recycled over and over again without damage, and is incredibly durable for what is just a thin material.

As well as this, the curtain wall protects the exterior of the building from damages. When it comes to keeping your building maintained and in good condition, most companies choose to have upkeep and maintenance work performed twice a year, with a fresh coat of paint applied and any old parts of the exterior replaced as needed. However, this method of keeping the building looking good twice a year can sometimes turn into more than that if the exterior of the building is battered by constant rain, which does contain small amounts of natural acid that can over time wear away the paint or brickwork. A curtain wall will help to protect from that, making it a very cost effective way of keeping your building in good condition.

Curtain wall system installed by Alphamet Aluminium

Curtain wall systems around our glazing installation

Besides being a passive way to protect the building, the curtain wall is designed to keep the structure safe in many different ways. It is intended to deflect the wind away from the structure, which helps to prevent the rain from reaching it. As well as this, it is built to remain stationary, and not sway due to pressure from the winds or even seismic activity, which is where a lot of protection would fall and become a hazard or ineffective.

Curtain walling is also often done with a waterproof design in mind. This is because the sealant which holds the entire structure together is waterproof, and will remain so as long as the seal is intact, which means that water can not get in through the seal. As long as you check it periodically, you?ll find that the building behind the guard is completely protected from the elements.

When you use glass, you will see that you can experience many benefits regarding energy efficiency. The glass blocks which make up the design fit into the core aluminium frame fit into the structure without any room at all, which means that they can trap air inside the building. This means that when the outside months are cold, the warm air from heaters is not lost and is instead trapped. In contrast, the cold air is kept in the building during the summer months, so you?re getting a very efficient way of keeping heat inside the building.

Furthermore, you?ll also see an improved level of light inside the building. When it comes to having a location which has good natural light, companies often look to make sure that this particular feature is one which is prominent. The advantage of a glass based curtain wall is that it allows large quantities of natural light to come into the building. This is good because natural light is much healthier for the body than its artificial counterpart, so you?ll be improving your health and well-being.

Overall, these are just a few of the reasons why a curtain wall is the best possible choice for your building. When you look at all of the different benefits that a curtain wall can provide, it is easy to see why it is such a good choice for any property. The aluminium design ensures that you have a stable structure which is lightweight yet highly robust. It is less likely to break under pressure and more likely to survive the brunt of any and all impacts. It can help to deflect the rain and the wind away from your building and also allow you to trap heat inside the structure and save money on heating bills. Regardless of whether you are a smaller business or a big company, you can all benefit from the heating benefits which can be offered from a curtain wall, and you?ll soon see that it protects your walls for a much greater period than usual.
Alphamet Aluminium are the leaders in curtain wall supply and installation with a dedicated curtain wall division, we have contracts with many leading brands and large retail property management companies throughout the UK to manage curtain wall systems so we understand your needs. If you are looking for a reliable and long established curtain wall installer then why not speak to Darren or a member of the sales team for a free no obligation quote.

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