Aluminium Frames – The Best Choice For This Winter?

This particular winter has been pretty bad for homes and businesses; it has to be said. Snow has settled all over the UK, putting the entire country at a standstill. If this is any indication as to what?s to come, then it?s going to be a cold winter for the next couple of years. For your commercial premises to be protected from the harshness of the winter, people have tried all kinds of different options to stop heat from escaping, but is there a good way to do it?

Aluminium Window Frames – The Way Forward?

For a lot of businesses, the way forward is pretty simple. They choose to work with aluminium frames to protect their building from losing heat through the window frames is to use aluminium. Now, to begin with, let?s take a look at some of the core features of aluminium so that we might gain a better understanding of why it?s so suited to the task at hand.

aluminium window frame

Aluminium is a very lightweight and durable material, which is why it?s often so well suited to this kind of situation. It?s also quite flexible too, meaning that you can easily bend it and twist it to suit all of the needs and requirements that you might have. This is why aluminium windows are well suited for the Great British weather. Furthermore, aluminium has resistance to both the acidic content found in common rainfall, and also natural rusting through oxidation.

Now if we begin to apply that to window frames, we can easily start to see exactly how and where they?d come into use. The durable and yet lightweight nature means that they?re not going to be all that tricky to try and install, yet they?ll also be durable enough to last you a long time without the need to replace them and get rid of them. As well as this, the resistance to rusting and damage means that there?s less likely to be a spot where the air can leak through and cause issues. This means that there?s no chance of the warm air leaving through the window frames, and there?s also no chance of the cold air getting through the frames, meaning you have a very secure window that will keep heat in and out as required.

Overall, having aluminium frames for your premises is one of the best ways to make sure that the winter wind does not get into your property and lower the temperature. There?s nothing worse than having a problem part of the property where the cold air can leak into the building and waste the heating. Using the aluminium frames will at least help to ensure that you?re not going to be losing out on warm air and that you?re not going to be paying a massive bill for no real reason. They are designed to help you keep as much warm air inside the property as is possible, and this makes them a valued option for businesses who are looking to be as economically efficient as possible.

Are Bifold Doors Secure?

Understanding Security of BiFold Doors

When we install up and down the country, one questions we get asked all the time is how secure are bi folding doors, sliding door and crittall doors? It’s a really good question because when you are going to install these types of doors, you want to know that your property’s security is not compromised when you install bi fold doors. The good news is that bi folding doors are very secure and you needn’t worry about a thing. In this article, we will talk about the structure of bi fold doors, what they are made of, what they can withstand, and how they are perfectly secure for any home.

When you choose the right product coupled with professional installation by an experienced company, bifolding doors are just as secure as any brick wall.

strong aluminium door

What are bifold doors made of?

Bifold doors are made up primarily of toughened glass and aluminium making it the perfect choice for security. Aluminium is the most durable element on the planet and can withstand the force of 200lb weights. The toughened glass is also very strong and can withstand the force of metallic objects such as hammers and other cutting tools. Toughened glass is thermally created to a much higher temperature which means it can withstand much more keeping your home safer and much more secure than ordinary glass. Any decent bi fold door supplier and installer will know which types of glazing to use when installing bi fold doors.

Locking Systems on Bi Fold Doors

Many bi fold doors come with multi point locking systems as standard meaning that as well as being inline (hidden away) makes it much harder to find and pretty much impossible for any intruder to take the doors out of the mechanism. Doors will be keep the aesthetic minimal look but at the same time will set to the gear on the bottom track so if they were to try to remove the doors, they would need to remove the bottom tracks that are drilled in to the concrete in the ground with steel lock pins.? The locking mechanisms just cannot be beaten and the locks cannot be picked from the outside when there is no lock! You have to remember that bi fold doors are nothing like conservatories, most conservatories are just UPVC doors and frames, these are aluminium bifold doors and are extra tough so don’t make the mistake of thinking that conservatories and bi fold doors are the same, they are not.

So when it comes to choosing your bi fold doors, you will always get the secure option because they are all designed that way. With more and more homes choosing aluminium doors and windows suppliers are rigorously testing aluminium systems.

The Importance of Fabrication for Shop Fronts

When it comes to shop fronts, there?s a lot that you should be taking into consideration. Not only are there a sizeable number of different materials for your shop front, but there?s also some merit to giving examinations to onsite fabrication. To try and aid you with this, we?re going to be looking at some of the different shop fronts which are available, and also why onsite fabrication is so crucial in the process of getting a shop front fitted.

Shop Fronts – A Look At The Best

To begin with, we?re going to look at some of the different shop fronts that you could have for your business.

A lot of people, especially those who are running a more traditional shop front and are underneath a shelter, often choose to use a wooden shop front for their establishment. It is an older look and feel and is something which is much more difficult to emulate. Wooden shop fronts allow you a higher degree of customisation, as you can paint them whatever colour you like and also showcase your products in a much more aesthetically pleasing way, depending upon what they?re made of.

However, when it comes to those shop fronts which aren?t protected from the elements in quite the same way, aluminium is often used as the material of choice. Aluminium is the primary go-to material for the contemporary shop front and has a lot of qualities which make it the obvious choice. Not only is it strong and durable, but it is also easily mouldable into different shapes and is also resistant to the natural levels of acid which you can find in the rain, which would slowly but surely erode away a lot of other materials. It?s also rust proof and recyclable, which all helps to contribute to creating a material which is long lasting and popular, as you can go many months and even years without the need to replace or adjust the metal in any way.

As well as these other two materials, some shop fronts choose to employ glass as their material of choice. Glass is admittedly easier to clean, and also showcases a lot of what it is inside the store, which means that there?s a bigger possibility for advertising products and goods to people who walk past. As well as this, some people consider glass to be a sign of trust, as there?s nothing hidden and everything inside the shop is visible, making the establishment an honest and open book.

In reality, what you?ll find that is a lot of shopfronts do incorporate multiple elements and materials into their design. Glass is often paired with wood or metal to create a shop front which is not only durable and relevant to the goods being sold but allows customers a look inside to see what?s available.

shop front installation in Stoke on Trent Stafford

Getting the shop front fabrication right in the workshop saves time and money onsite.

The Importance of On-Site Fabrication

Regardless of which shop front you choose for your business, you still need to have the design fabricated and worked into the store. Many people do decide to have onsite fabrication as a way to accomplish this. Onsite fabrication is where you have the design and products created and fitted for you on site, as opposed to plans being taken away and designed in a factory somewhere. It?s an essential part of getting your shop front up and running, and there are a lot of benefits to having it done on site as opposed to any other way.

One of the most significant benefits is the amount of money that you?ll save from taking the time to have the fabrication done on site. There?s going to be additional costs which would come into play as a result of having the fabrication done off-site, and these can often be costs that a smaller shop or business could do without paying. If the fabrication is done on site and then fitted straight away, you?re saving yourself a lot of costs, which makes manufacturing a brilliant choice for businesses.

Another reason why onsite fabrication is essential is that you?ll get a better quality of job when you go with an onsite manufacture as opposed to any other kind of fabrication. When other kinds of fabrications are used, they?ll take the measurements and then go and create it in a factory, which is all well and good until you realise it doesn?t quite fit into place. This presents an issue as you?d have to amend the measurements, figure out what was wrong in the first place, and then spend money to try again. On-site fabrication is a better choice because you?re there to have a look at the building, get a feel for the grooves and curves of the shape you?re designing, and then make any minute adjustments as and where they?re needed. This makes it more likely to fit in the first time and not be a problem, which makes on-site fabrication a cost-effective way to get a shop front set up.

Overall, there?s a different shop front for every kind of business, and the site you do choose will vary quite a bit on the type of wares you offer, and also whether you need protection from the rain or not. Shops that are based somewhere out of the way of the rain may well find that they can get a wooden shop front, whereas those that don’t need to think in more practical terms. Not only that, but there?s a definite advantage to using on-site fabrication. Shops who have their fronts created with on-site fabrication will find that it is a far more cost-effective way of doing things, as you don?t need to worry about all of the issues which would usually be faced such as the front not being an exact fit, or having to pay the costs to have it made elsewhere. The on-site fabrication is a cost-effective and sensible choice for shop owners who may well have the money to work on a trial and error basis, but also don?t want to part with it unless necessary.

We Are Moving!

Alphamet has grown over the last few years and we are now moving to pastures new and to a much larger unit that can house the ever growing needs of our installers and fabricators. With the growth of hybrid windows, aluminium windows and doors and other associated services we have sourced a huge unit on the border of Cheshire and Manchester that suits our needs perfectly.

We will be constantly updating this blog post with more news as we go and we will repost information as and when we make some changes, as you can see, we have a lot of work to do but we’re looking forward to getting stuck in and making this our new home.

Check out the images below and as we progress you can follow the time line of changes as we go along.

For future notice, our new address is:

Alphamet Aluminium, Boodle Street,Ashton under Lyne, OL6 8NF

22.11.2017 – Updated Pictures

Flooring and windows have been installed and we are hitting the final stretch! We’ll post a full new blog and video tour when it’s completed.

28.06.2017 – Moving In!

We have the keys and we are moving in, first is to clear out all the space and install all our machinery and shelving units along with the fabrication units. Check out the images below and keep checking back as we add more images and updates of our epic move.

Working on the empty units to clear out and get the heavy fabrication machinery in.

Electrical installation ready for the machines to be loaded in.

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Why Use Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium has become the go to material for frames these days and in building eco friendly large scale projects there are many reasons why we are using aluminium window frames as opposed to timber or uPvc. ?Aluminium windows are everywhere now, used for commercial and residential projects and the benefits are clear for all to see.

Aluminium is durable & Strong

The beautiful thing about Aluminium is that it is super strong and this means it holds the glass in place better than UPVC and other materials and also means longer lasting.

Despite their ultra-light weight, aluminium frames are very strong. The frames can also be easily manipulated, making them the perfect choice if you have windows that are an unusual shape.

The strength of aluminium frames means that they can be made slimmer than timber or PVC, allowing more space for glazing and therefore more light.

Aluminium is ideal for replacing old steel frames

If you have steel window frames, replacing with Aluminium makes perfect sense, you get a stronger alternative and better looking alternative but there is minimal disruption to your business or home.

Aluminium is flexible

You can bend aluminium to your needs, which means less rivets and joints that can break around the frame. Also, makes for a more streamlined look.


Aluminium does not rust, so you wont have to worry about keeping them clean, also aluminium can be sprayed by a professional aluminium company or coated for aesthetics so you get the look you want with low maintenance.

If you want window frames to blend with your overall exterior d?cor scheme, you could choose powder-coated aluminium frames, which are available in a wide range of colours. Powder-coated frames don?t need painting and the colour won?t fade, making them the perfect choice if you want a splash of colour without the hassle of regular maintenance.

Environmental friendly Aluminium

Not many people know that aluminium is completely recyclable, which means you are investing in the future of our planet and keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.

Aluminium As A Commodity

Aluminium is available in a number of different deliverable grades depending on the task for which it is required. Aluminium that is traded as a?commodity?generally must meet certain criteria, namely that it is of at least 99.7% purity, and that it has within its make-up no more than 0.2% iron and no more than 0.1% silicon. It is traded incommodity exchanges?under the commodity code of AL.

Aluminium has several attractive qualities as a commodity. Lighter than?steel?at only one third of the weight, it still retains enough core strength to be of use in a number of applications. Its position in industry is secured by its ability to conduct heat and electricity as well as?copper, its resistance to corrosion (making it suitable for outside use), and its non-toxic make-up. It is also non-magnetic, which can be useful in the industrial sector. Another special feature of aluminium is that it is recyclable, endowing it with significant green credentials.

For more information on Aluminium as a trade commodity please read more by clicking the button below.

Introducing Senior Architectural Systems

Innovative window, door and curtain wall systems that bring buildings to life.

Senior Architectural Systems offers a comprehensive range of fenestration systems for commercial and residential applications. All our products are designed with meticulous attention to detail and are available either in?aluminium?or a?hybrid?timber/aluminium composite. Our aluminium sections can be thermally broken and powder coated in virtually any colour in our in-house powder coating facility, one of the largest and most technically advanced in the country.

Stocks are distributed from three strategically located manufacturing and?stock centres?located in England, Scotland and Wales, each of which offers flexible and assured lead times.

As well as being totally focused on product development and customer service, Senior Architectural Systems also works within a?green agenda, demonstrating our commitment to the environment for now and future generations.

With more than two decades? experience to our credit, Senior Architectural Systems? reputation is that of an innovative driver of the fenestration market, offering technical excellence, performance, value, and creativity to the fabricators, architects and contractors with which we are proud to be associated.

Lennart Jonsson
Managing Director